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    Disfruta de su extraordinario sabor todo el año
  • Macrolepiota procera
    Su sabor, textura y apariencia son de otro mundo.

Who we are

Florencio Ramos Ramos

From more than twenty years and still passionate about of mushroom's world. Florencio Ramos, promoter of this company that began it's journey around the year 1982. He's an expert mycologist and lover of nature that even today is excited to see some of the specimens of mushrooms that bring neighbors and gatherers.

Located in Navasfrias, in the region of Rebollar, it's an exceptional environment for their rains and ideal temperature for collection of boletus edulis, pinicola and aureus and other mushrooms in nearby towns are also collected.

Productos Silvestres El Bardal backed and certification of SETAS DE CASTILLA Y LEÓN and quality seal TIERRA DE SABOR (FLAVOR'S EARTH).

  • We find and select the best mushrooms or wild products to have in origin the best quality. COLLECTORS Son los...
  • We work with a portfolio of customers and suppliers increasingly wide and with a high degree of involvement in...
  • We carry out delivery service directly to businesses (restaurant, shop) in Madrid and Salamanca weekly basis....


We find and select the best mushrooms or wild products to have in origin the best quality.


Son los vecinos de las diferentes poblaciones vecinas quienes realizan la tarea de recolectar las setas del campo (Boletus edulis, boletus pinícola, rebozuelo, lengua de vaca, niscalo, angula de campo, huevo de rey o gurumelos, entre otras), así como otros productos silvestres tales como el espárrago triguero, la moruja/coruja/pamplina, moras silvestres, frambuesas silvestres, madroños o arándanos.

Why choose us

Definitely we bet for a service with guarantees. We work every day to improve the quality of our service, carrying out analytical work, selection, and control traceability to product delivery, ensuring in any case a satisfactory final purchase.
Your purchase helps people settle in rural areas while gives added value to a range of fully organic and wild products promoting the conservation of this natural environment. In addition, picking mushrooms and berries as an economic engine results in the prosperity of several families of the town and helps prevent rural depopulation.  
We work with wild products; this means that we collected directly from the field. The region of Rebollar in Salamanca, and neighboring (Sierra de Gata, Malcata) is known to boast a peculiar climate which is the guarantor of one of the most fruitful mycological ecosystems in the Iberian peninsula for a variety of mushrooms and other wild products.

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